Welcome to China Fulfil
We are the optimal fulfillment and shipping partner in China for those who are selling to China. You know the international shipping cost to ship packages to China is very expensive. The China customs is difficult to deal with too. Normally it takes 3 – 7 days (sometimes longer) to release the package from the customs. It will be a very bad experience for the buyers when they are asked to contact China customs to release the package, they may refuse the packages directly. It will be a lost for both the seller and the buyer in this case. So just come to us, we will handle all these matters for you!
We can import your products to China, store them in our warehouse then ship them out to your customers all over China Whenever needed. This is how it works:

You can also process the orders at your overseas warehouse, pick and pack and ship out the packages with shipping labels to China by air freight. We will import these package. Relabel them with the domestic shipping label then deliver them to the final recipient. This is how it works: