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Kickstarter / Indiegogo / Crowdfunding provide a great Creator Handbook with a section on fulfillment to help familiarize you with shipping. Once you understand the basics, Chinafulfil can help you put it all into action. Chinafulfil has fulfilled many Kickstarter rewards and has helped project owners turn their Kickstarter successes into ongoing businesses.
We’d love to work with you!  Please contact us at info@chinafulfil.com.
Chinafulfil is one of the platforms that has helped some of the most successful Kickstarter projects deliver. Our team has talked to hundreds of Kickstarter project owners and helped them deliver many thousands of orders. This is a compilation of our notes, tips and best practices.
We are asked many questions time and time again, so this guide is in a question and answer format, and is separated by category.

What you need to know

When should a Kickstarter/Indiegogo project start thinking about fulfillment?
It doesn’t hurt to identify a shipping partner early, but don’t overthink it too soon. Make sure the project is successful and your product packaging is optimized first. Once your project is successfully funded, getting set up with Chinafulfil’s Kickstarter Fulfillment Services and ready to receive your finished project can be done quickly.
When should you start thinking about packaging?
Early. As early as possible. Intelligent packaging can make or break the profitability of a product. Chinafulfil care about the packaging of the product very much. We can work out the best packaging to protect the product in delivery. Here is a sample of how we pack the board game product: Corner protector + Bubble wrap + Outer box.

Which fulfillment center is best?
If your products are made in China and you need to send them to worldwide backers, shipping from China directly is a very great idea!
-We provide much cheaper warehouse fulfillment service in China and international shipping service from China. You can save the cost and provide more competitive price to the backer.
-By shipping orders to the individual customers from China, you can avoid sales tax/ VAT/ duties. You know in most of the countries or states, you must pay the sales tax or VAT of each business for sending products from your resident warehouse. By Chinafulfil’s Kickstarter fulfillment services in China, there is no sales tax or VAT charges for most of your orders. For example, Customers in UK don't need to pay any VAT for orders less than 15 pounds. In Canada, orders less than $20 (imported from overseas) are exempted from paying HST. If you have a fulfillment center away in a different country, import duties will be applied at the border customs when importing bulk goods into the country for most made-in-china products. Eventually, your customers will have to compensate it through higher price for your product. However, if your warehousing is in China itself, then you are sending smaller orders directly to the individual customers then you are very likely to avoid the import duties. For example, there is no duty charges for orders less than 135 pounds for UK customers. What’s more, when you have to write-off your inventory and dispose your outmoded or seasonal products, the freight fees to ship them from China to your oversea warehouse and all the taxes that you have already paid to will become irrecoverable losses. These headaches of loses won’t occur if you choose our warehouse fulfillment service in China.


How do I check shipping rates?
Our strategic partnership with logistics carriers helps to reduce the shipping costs significantly. We have long term cooperation relationship with the major logistics carriers such as DHL, FEDX, UPS, TNT etc. We also develop our own shipping line service to USA, Canada, Europe, Australia and Russia by cooperating with local logistics carriers. We are able to provide the best shipping options from China for all your orders. Please contact us for the quote! info@chinafulfil.com

I’m ready to schedule inventory. What is an ASN?
An ASN is an Advance Shipping Notice.

ASNs tell Chinafulfil what you are sending us, in what quantities, and when it will arrive.

You will want to create your ASN as soon as possible, after you have finalized dimensions and weights, so you can make sure your supplier / manufacturer places it on the shipment. You can create your ASNs as far in advance as you would like. We can arrange the delivery of products from your supplier / manufacturer to our warehouse if needed.


Shipping Kickstarter/Indiegogo Orders

How do I get my orders into Chinafulfil?
You can upload your entire list of orders via spreadsheet upload to your Chinafulfil account, which is accessible online using any standard browser.


What shipping service should I use to ship?
As a default Chinafulfil will select the lowest-cost, most efficient parcel carrier based on your shipping preferences. You tell us your expected delivery time frame, your main destination countries, and we will take care of the rest.


How to track the orders?
After we ship out the order, our system will send out the shipping notice to each backers. It's free value add service to our customers. Here is the template of the notice for your reference:

Hi Jessica,

Great! ( product name) from (company name) is on the way to its destination on 26 March, 2018 18:11.

View Tracking Details:
Tracking Number: LX***45911CN
Detail Status: Arrived at AMSTERDAM AIRPORT